Cpanel has security holes - claims scansafe!

Some of UK based Mom and Pop stores are near soft targets of hackers to distribute spy-wares on your PC. A report created by will blow your mind away as they have identified the possible vulnerabilities if you are using Cpanel hosting.

Click here to read Scansafe’s report about possible vulnerabilities if you are using Cpanel hosting.!

Quote from Scansafe: We do believe the near constant presence of CPanel is a factor. We aren’t, however, convinced it’s the root of the root compromise. We think it’s more likely that the backdoor is exploiting vulnerabilities in CPanel in order to manipulate the modules used to deploy the attacks.

Also read this!

To help us solve that puzzling question, Dan Goodin at The Register generously wrote about the challenges of this attack, and that article has prompted much useful discussion. It’s also helped foster a great deal of cooperation from some of the impacted hosts and site owners; cooperation that will be key to solving this puzzle. And it’s also led to additional exposure and discussion of the problem here and here.

If that true many small webmasters will soon change their hosting control panel!

February 23 2008 10:27 pm | News & Articles

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